What is it?

Banano is a fork of Nano that's focused on great memes, building an amazing community and helping the world become a better place. Visit the project website by clicking the banana below!

Why does this page exist?

While at first Banano seems like a joke, it's actually a great project both by itself and because of its relationship with Nano.

Projects and bounties benefit Nano

Because of their identical code bases, projects built for Banano can then be ported over to Nano. The popular wallet Natrium started as the Banano wallet Kalium!

Distribution is fun and ethical

Distribution is approached in very creative ways. While Nano is fully distributed, Banano isn't yet. To earn Banano you can play games, use the faucet, and more. However, the most ingenious distribution method they've come up with is allowing people to donate their computer power to scientific research via protein folding and get rewarded in Banano!

The community is great!

Check out these two interviews. The first is with the community manager talking about all the good Banano does and the second is with a teacher who discusses the great success Banano has been in the classroom to motivate and teach students!

More Info

Check out the yellowpaper, it's full of memes and potassium!