This section is focused on showcasing some of the main tools developed by the community aimed towards developers. Other community projects such as the tip bots can be found in the resources section. Also, go check out a similar list of developer tools on the official Nano Foundation website.

Unreal Engine Plugin

The first production-ready version of the Unreal Engine plugin which adds Nano support to Unreal Engine 4 is now available!


Pippin is a production-ready, high-performance developer wallet for Nano and BANANO. Pippin's API is a drop-in replacement for the Nano developer wallet that is built in to the Nano node software.

To put it simply, Pippin is a Nano (and BANANO) wallet for developers. Pippin is the first wallet of its kind that is 100% compatible with the developer wallet (aka “node wallet”) APIs. Of course the node wallet isn’t recommended for a lot of use cases, but a lot of developers use it anyway — because as you might expect, it’s the easiest solution and it generally works well enough. One of the goals of Pippin is to provide a production-ready, external key management solution that’s incredibly easy to setup and maintain.


This website helps assist in the funding and ongoing support of Nano-related projects that showcase the unique and revolutionary traits of Nano.

"Our community strengthens as involvement grows. Your ideas and support are the foundation on which The Nano Center stands."


The ultimate solution for content creators, writers, publishers etc! Upload your content behind a paywall and allow users to pay a tiny fee to access it. 100% of the pay goes straight to the uploader.
Use cases - Podcast episodes, Artwork, videos, nsfw content, and more!

Small Tech - Demo of their donation tool is a not-for-profit based in Ireland that are building the small-web. In this video they discuss what drew them towards Nano and what they look for in a cryptocurrency. They also demo their donation tool that they've build, while also spending time discussing the accessibility features and their general principles as an organisation. Visit their website.