This section links to official Nano Foundation resources as well as various community resources such as bots and insightful Reddit threads.

Official Nano Foundation Resources - Resources

The best resources page available is the resources section

This is where you can find a Block Explorer, the Whitepaper, Developer Tools and more!

Nano Docs

The Nano documentation is focused on helping developers understand the Nano protocol

Looking for project documentation? Whether you're looking to run a node, or just want to learn about Protocol Design, the documentation has you covered!

Medium - News and Updates

Read the latest news and updates

Read up on the latest developer and community updates. Curious about what's happening with the protocol? This is the place to go

Nano Discord

Chat with the community and team members on discord

Nano Forum

Come join the discussion about Nano!

Community Resources

Nano TwitterBot

The Nano Tip Bot allows users to send the Nano cryptocurrency to users using only their Twitter or Telegram handle.

Nano Register

Accept Payments in Nano!

Are you a business owner who wants to accept Nano payments? With Nano Register you can set up the most frictionless payment

Nano Wallets

What wallet to use?

A simple site that offers an overview of all the wallets that support Nano and features that they provide.


PokemonGo for Nano!

This is a mobile app that allows people to create "spots" all over the world and add some Nano to that spot. Users can then go to that spot and collect a small amount of Nano. It's kind of like an altruistic Pokemon Go!

Read about Nano!

An aggregate of several community forums on reddit and more!

Donate Nano to charitable causes

Feeling generous? GiveNano is a upcoming project where you can donate Nano to help with several different charitable causes, such as feeding families and animals in need, planting trees or buying clean water.

Nano TwitchBot

The Nano Tip Bot allows Twitch streamers to accept Nano donations and have a notification appear in their chat.


This website lists all known merchants that accept Nano as payment.

Want to spend your Nano? This website is a list of all the places where you can do just that!


Buy with Nano!

An online marketplace that directly connects vendors and customers who want to buy products with Nano. From clothing to electronic goods, check it out now!

Nano Jobs

Clients post jobs, you do them and get paid in Nano!

Nano Jobs is an instant and feeless working platform for talents (freelancer). Its functionality is like Upwork or other freelancer platform but the main focus of Nano Jobs is to use NANO as a payment, resulting in instant, feeless payment anywhere in the world!

Reddit Posts